The new album 42608 is now available through paypal

(paypal only, sorry no credit cards). Alternatively you may email waldorfstatlir@gmail.com in order to arrange an alternative. Several rough mixes are available in the flash player on the right side bar.


well done, human machine

Get in the line, the album is done. Rather than sailing/strutting in the latest Uggwares we put the printing press into motion, laid some paint, and creased some corners.

The first batch are not Mac friendly and cannot be imported into iTunes! (at least my own....so perhaps my assumptions do not extend for the masses) Anyways, the discs are black on the bottom rather than the standard greenish cdr finish which freaks out Mr. Superdrive.


album preparations

The first album is in the final stages of completion. The tracks are mixed and the final touches are being put on the cases. Waldorf and Statlir designed a complex machine in order to make the cases appear as if they were made by humans. This first release is titled 42608 and has four tracks.


AUX performance

The art work on this poster is by Niv Bavarsky

This coming Saturday, March 8, 2008 at the Pescadrome (101 S. Quarantina St SB CA) a concert featuring

Scott Cazan
Mark Trayle
Elisabeth McMillin
Waldorf Statlir
Mike Winter

AUX begs the question... are humans auxiliary to the machines or machines auxiliary to humans. The other question is, how do they make that noise?
Starts at 8PM


Performance Report

The performance on 2.15.08 in class was great. The class had lots of good feedback as well as the visiting critique artist George Legrady Here is his summary of the visit
Christopher presented electronic music compositions and then did a two person performance, all of which were interesting for me to experience in an art context. The class feedback was that more responsibility needs to be taken for the content and style of the video projection, which I agree...A big debate I have in MAT is that video projection is more then just an accompaniment to the aural composition.

During the performance of Waldorf Statlir there was even a singalong. A dog that was present in class was actually singing along, it is also possible that he was moaning in pain due to loud high frequencies. But he really seemed to be into it, at least from a human perspective.



There will be a second presentation 2.15.08, which will be the inagural waldorf statlir performance. This private event will be graded. The first public performance was 2007 at the Pescadrome in Santa Barbara, there will be another show there on 5.8.2008.

ping world.

The temporal is grabbing hold, stay tuned in to see how it manifests.


The initial concert took place at the Pescadrome. This image gives a sense of the setup, where a Nicholas (on the left) feeds sound into a snare drum which is then recaptured with contact mic’s on the bottom while Christopher (on the right) processes water that drops into a bucket, that has contact mic’s on the bottom.